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Coming September 23, 2017

"The Soulful Child"

Twelve Years in the Wilderness

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The Soulful Child

Twelve Years In The Wilderness

A personal memoir and true story; autobiography by Chloe Rachel Gallaway


Out of the counterculture movement of the sixties arises a true story about risking it all for true freedom. Folk singer Jerry Gallaway and ex-ballet dancer Reva Lynn Gallaway leave behind a life of opportunity and fame to raise a family in the woods of Northern New Mexico. For six children born in the wild with no birth certificates, no worldly identity, only the song of nature printed on them at birth, the woods became a place of learning and a place of refuge, until tragedy uprooted their foundation, leaving the youngsters split between two worlds.

When forced to choose for themselves, would they live in nature with their parents, or seek a new life in society?

Chloe Rachel Gallaway is the soulful child, bringing us the healing power of the wild through her photographic memories, authentic voice, and a tale of modern-day warriors and free thinkers carrying in their hearts an essential message about the priceless gifts of Mother Nature, her cycles of life and loss, and the transformative power of forgiveness.

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Pre-Reader Reviews

Dear Chloe:

I have just finished reading The Soulful Child. It is a fantastic book, leaving me with a permanent love of it and impact on my life. 

Your writing is exquisite, most of it poetic prose. Your story is riveting. When the reading had to be interrupted there was a strong impatience to get back to it.

The story is the definition of poignancy and with so much sadness. Yet still more, discovery - the discovery of the reality and power of the spirit in us all. A story of redemption through compassion, love and forgiveness, the things Jesus taught and modeled for us. 

This story also illustrates a divine dictum: 'Train up a child in the way he (she) should go, and when he (she) is old they will not depart from it.' A part of my own life story of rejection of parental training in adolescence, yet a return to those principles in mature adult life.

Your story has impacted me in sharpening and deepening my concern with and appreciation of the magnificence and power of nature and of God's creation in all its awesome wonder.

The lessons of this book could be a vehicle of healing of our present fractured and godless culture. For that to happen the story has to be promulgated and absorbed.

These, Chloe, are my first and immediate responses to the completion of my reading of The Soulful Child, a magnificent book. Thank you, thank you for the privilege of being a pre-publishing reader.

Warmest regards and all best wishes,

Henry Collyer


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